For over 20 years our local restaurant in Alexandria continuously aims to serve and provide our customers with the most satisfactory experience possible. With a wide selection of 80+ items on our buffet, anyone can find their desired dish. Let it be the savory lo mein or a crispy and crunchy egg-roll, our dishes are made with high-quality ingredients and care. Our experience is not only shown within our food but is apparent with our service and staff. All your needs and requests will be our top priority and we are happy to provide the service. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at 320-762-8083 and we'll be happy to reply.

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The selection of chicken and rice is very good, you will definitely find something you like and will never leave hungry unless you just don't eat. Great place!

-Mike Erickson

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Want to order some food for pick up? Give us a call at 320-762-8083 or use the link below to put in your food order. Then you can pick it up at the restaurant.

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Are you looking to get food delivered to your house? Use the Food Dudes Delivery service to place your order.